Answers to why your first call should be to an experienced Commercial Real Estate Broker:

The simplest answer to why you’re confused by the square foot price differences, lease rates, and all those lease terms, net, gross, triple net, etc. is: the Agent you’re working with seems very nice, but it’s not their fault that, after 5 minutes in the business, they don’t know the market. I see this a lot now days with so many new people getting into the business.

An experienced Broker knows the market, what the market value is for a property, what the going lease rates are. Is it normal for a landlord to charge utilities for a Class A office space? Why did the owner of a warehouse say I’d be responsible for fixing the leaky roof? Without going into specific details here, an experienced Broker will be able to guide you through the maze of issue you’ll face when looking for space and negotiating a lease or sale.

Next article; specific ways to start your search, Stay tuned!